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Home Savings Action – Why is the Low Opening Fee Worth It?

A very special offer will be available for a few more days – if you register by October 31st. The first home savings fund, also known as Good Finance, has a one-month fee to open, and the rest is free.

One of the most profitable investments

If you are considering opening an apartment savings in the near future, this action is definitely worth taking advantage of. Good Finance is an option that is extremely beneficial for all forms of investment as it puts an extraordinary 30% subsidy on payments each year.

In exchange for support, you will only be able to spend money on housing for a minimum of four years, but there are so many options in this category that everyone should consider starting a savings project. From entering the retirement home to modernizing the property and expanding the garden to buildings, we have a wide variety of options to choose from. In addition, the total amount can be invested in the repayment of housing loans, leasing.

The opening fee is not a symbolic amount

OTP’s current offer is noteworthy because for Good Finance, the opening amount is a more serious item, usually one percent of the contract amount. The contractual amount is the amount of money paid over the term, the amount of government subsidies, all interest plus the total amount of credit that can be borrowed (whether or not we want to borrow).

For example, if you save $ 50 per month, that means an opening fee between $ 25 and $ 85. However, investing a start up amount is well worth the investment.

It should be noted that Goodbank is also strongly promoted, even with a zero-forint home savings contract.

We have to wait for a minimum of four years

We have to wait for a minimum of four years

But we can quit even before that, but we will win the minimum: if we terminate the contract before four years, we will have to repay the previous state subsidies plus interest, but we will get our capital and interest.

The interest rates here are so low that it is not really worth considering, the real attraction of Good Finance is government support.

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