Bad credit business loans guaranteed approval -Need a bad credit business loan?

When you decide to make a business, in addition to the type of business you are considering, of course no less important is capital. At the beginning of making a business, of course, the capital needed is not small especially if you do not have enough savings. Then, what kind of steps do you need? Yes, that’s right, applying for a business capital loan is the best step. But another problem arises, namely, in applying for a loan there must be collateral that must be guaranteed, while you have absolutely no goods that can be used as collateral, then how to find a business loan without collateral?

Some platforms such as Astro finance provide business loans without collateral for those who need loan funds. But even without collateral you still have to prepare a few things for the loan application.

Need a bad credit business loan? Get Approved Online

Acceleration Provides Unsecured Business Loans With Easy Terms!

Submit your bad credit business loan at, you can apply for a business loan without collateral. The loan ceiling that you can submit here can also reach 2 billion if you use collateral. If without collateral you can apply for a loan of up to $ 100 million. Acceleration also makes it easier for you if you do not have collateral in the form of fixed assets such as land or buildings, then you can submit an Invoice / PO / SPK / Contract as collateral. Requirements for submission in the Acceleration are also quite easily such as:

  1. Your business has been running for more than 1 year and is located in Greater Jakarta, Banten or Bandung. If your business is located outside the area, you can still use the services of Acceleration if the loan proposal is more than 200 million.
  2. Minimum business loan of $. 75 Million
  3. Your business has a net profit in the past year.
  4. Your business has an account and can provide a checking account for the past 3 months.
  5. Fill out the form and provide complete supporting documents.

What Are Required In Submitting Unsecured Business Loans?

You should pay attention to the following things first so that the steps are correct and appropriate:

  • Calculate Loans Needed

It is important to always properly calculate the amount of loan needed because it will affect your business continuity. So you can do a simulation first before applying for your loan. You can also start the calculation method by first determining what is needed and needed for your business, operational costs, employee salaries and so on.

  • Knowing Business Scale

First, find out in advance the scale of the business that you will be running, whether the business is small scale or large scale. To find out the scale of this business you can see the market segment you are aiming for. For example for the lower middle class, then, of course, the capital funds needed are not too large. Unlike the case, if your efforts aim at the upper-middle class, then it is definitely the capital you need far more.

  • Determine Loan Products

Yes really specify what loan products you will use as a business loan without your collateral. In choosing a loan product you need to see what features and benefits provided from the product besides making sure to read the terms and conditions that apply, the loan ceiling, interest rates, the installment period of the product and others.

  • Choose the Place That Gives the Best Deals

Next is to determine the place that gives you the best loan offer. Perhaps many of you think that a bank is the most suitable place to apply for a business loan without collateral, but the interest given by some banks is quite high, so you should work around this by looking for a better offer than at a bank.

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You can try applying for it at Fintech which is already registered and overseen by the Financial Services Authority (OJK). because at Fintech, besides being easier, it is also safer with OJK’s supervision.

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